Velvet Underground

Posted by – December 2, 2010

This whole outfit is planned around the boots.  I am convinced that this pointy toe, stiletto heel silhouette is next.  If you look around, you will see several examples of ankle boots with this silhouette cropping up slowly, day by day.  Mark my words & start stocking up now.  These white leather ankle boots are vintage & I’m not sure if I’ll sell them in the shop or not.  The velvet blouse is like liquid.  So creamy & soft.  It’s vintage & again I’m torn between keeping it & selling it in the shop.  Forever 21 skinny stretch cords.  These things were like $15 & they are super comfortable.

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  1. I have a lot of pointy toe shoes hidden somewhere in the closet so I’m happy to hear that they’ll be back :)

  2. jeminaNo Gravatar says:

    LOVE the boots and the velvet top sweetie, they are beautiful, so i can imagine that they will be very difficult to part with :)

    Enjoy your day dear

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  3. DuskNo Gravatar says:

    You have awesome editing skills Nickie.

    Completely understand your dilemna! That shirt is gorgeous!

    I don’t like pointy boots, I have wide feet however, as an indicator of global economic status (I’m serious! I have written about this before… pointy shoes and the hemline index)… the return of pointy shoes marks the return of a healthy economy… pointy shoes mean that women can afford to get around in taxi and chauffeur driven cars ‘again’… no need to walk or drive oneself… pointy shoes inhibiting lengthy periods of walking and getting stuck under the pedals!! :D
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  4. Vint JunkyNo Gravatar says:

    I think you’re spot on Mrs frye! I’ve been holding onto a couple of pairs of pointy toes just incase ;)
    LOVE this velvet blouse, gorrrgeous


  5. These are great photos! And that velvet shirt, lovely. :)

    Dreaming of Palm Trees
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  6. AliciaNo Gravatar says:

    I so love your photography style Nicks. I love this outfit too.

    I was thinking of getting some shoes in that style. Glad we’re on the same page. =D

  7. bravegrrlNo Gravatar says:

    love the color of your blouse!!!
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  8. nickiefryeNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks ladies! I’ve been holding on to a bunch of pointy toed kitten heeled shoes, myself. I think the heel needs to be a bit higher than kitten height though for the upcoming trend. These white ones are spot on. Jeffrey Campbell just released an ankle boot called the Frankie, which I think is perfect. Shopbop has them. Also Nasty Gal got the JC Starstruck ankle boot, which is OUTSTANDING.

    Dusk, I hope you are right about the economy. ;) It’s funny though, I don’t think this style of shoe is uncomfortable to walk in. That’s the trick of pointy toed shoes. The area your toes go into is about the same as any other shoe, they just add an inch or two PAST that for the point. So, they LOOK wicked but are actually pretty tame… especially at this heel height. Tricky!

  9. nickiefryeNo Gravatar says:

    I’m actually pretty crazy about these too:

    BUT I’m always on the hunt for vintage pairs. They’re cheaper! Watch my shop, cuz you know I’m going to find them for you.

  10. KimNo Gravatar says:

    Gorgeous outfit! Comfortable looking because of the silhouette but so stylish with the skinny cords and stiletto heels. Just fantastic, dear…




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