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Yes / No

Posted by – January 30, 2012

YES – JC Butterfly Lita’s (at Nasty Gal & Karma Loop)

NO – JC Feather 2.  (at Solestruck)

Santa Baby

Posted by – August 10, 2011

We haven’t had a Shoe Love post in a while, so I thought I’d quickly check in & let you know how much I LOVE this pony hair platform mule by Senso.  Called the Santa, this shoe is perfect for (a-hem) ME!  Dear Santa, please add this fabulous shoe to my list.  Muah!

Available at Solestruck for $209



Jeffrey Campbell Big Girl

Posted by – January 12, 2011

The shoe I’ve been waiting for has finally arrived!  Well, sort of.  Solestruck just released the Jeffrey Campbell Big Girl platform slingback today in black & a Guatemalan sort of fabric, but I WANT the camel color they featured in their lookbook a while back.  Remember this one?  I tweeted them, but haven’t heard back.  If anyone spies the camel colored Big Girl anywhere, get back to me 911.  NOT that I’m going to buy it necessarily.  I’ll probably just stalk it until my size sells out, like I do with every other shoe.  HA!  No seriously, I want this one.

Nothing’s Shocking

Posted by – December 27, 2010

As I exited The Container Store with my new ornament organizer box thing, I turned the corner & came face to face with a woman wearing the regional “uniform”.  You know what I’m talking about.  Every area has it’s own sort of “uniform” that all the ladies who want to look cool wear every day & NEVER divert from.  To my astonishment, this lemming audibly guffawed as she unabashedly looked me up & down.  Really?  I admit that I don’t wear the “uniform”, but this outfit isn’t anything shocking.  Is it?  It made me wonder if I should make more predictable, bland, “age appropriate” choices when getting dressed in the morning.

Anyway, I’m really excited about my Christmas present this year- JC Lita’s!  I’ve waited so long for them.  I even bought a pair of khaki ones & returned them because I felt bad about spending the money & I was worried that I was edging into lemming territory.  Yes, the Lita is super trendy right now, but I think they are a cool silhouette that I will enjoy wearing long after the buzz subsides.  Thanks Mr. Frye!

Check out this cute vintage sweater.  Wearing it is like wearing a stuffed animal.  It’s so soft & furry!  I’m debating putting it up for sale in the shop.

Seriously, this outfit is not crazy.  That sack of flour this morning should see some of the crazy stuff I come up with.  Pfft.

Did any of you give or get a special Christmas gift this year?  I have to say that having children really changes the face of Christmas.  I’m even getting into Santa now & I’ve always slightly hated that dude.  Watching the kids faces as they open their gifts is just so sweet & thrilling!  My son got up & ran around the house when he opened his Darth Vadar action figure & my daughter barely unwrapped her fuchsia sequined tutu before she had it on.  I think she ended up sleeping in that thing!  So sweet.  Well, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  Now it’s on to 2011!

Layer in Time

Posted by – November 7, 2010

Temperatures are fluctuating here in California, so I’m thinking about layering.  Today I layered a fabulous vintage leather vest over a fabulous vintage bell sleeved cardigan, over an even more fabulous vintage printed blouse with a cute neck tie.  The blouse will be available in my shop later this week & I’m considering selling the vest too.  Either way, I have a HUGE load of fresh vintage to list in the coming weeks.  Check my shop for availability.

Wearing Levi’s straight leg jeans & Jeffrey Campbell Nation boots from Shopbop.

If you’re looking for a super affordable cowboy ankle boot, these from Forever 21 might do the trick.

Lita in Pony

Posted by – October 11, 2010

Woah, have you seen the Jeffrey Campbell Lita in black & white pony fur?  I like!

Available at Nasty Gal

(photos from Nasty Gal)

Sandal Vulture

Posted by – September 28, 2010

Ok, so I’m on the hunt now for a good deal on some cute sandals.  Now that Fall is upon us, I figure it’s a good time to get some deals.  I have no idea how these fabulous wedges from Jeffrey Campbell avoided my attention the first time around, but now they’re marked down from $108 to $76 at Revolve.  (Re?)introducing the Ally!

What do you guys think?  Have you seen any cute sandals out there that I should know about?



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