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Freebird Caballero

Posted by – September 12, 2012

Oh man, and then THESE had to come out.  WANT.

Freebird Caballero $349 at Solestruck


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Goodbye Folk

Posted by – August 24, 2012

Have you guys seen these shoes by Mexican designer, Goodbye Folk?  I’ve been in love for a while, but have regrettably been neglecting my blog.  (Sorry about that).  Anyway, check these handmade shoes out.  I love the classic look, reinterpreted with unexpected fabrics & patterns.  They have traditional leathers, as well as unusual materials.  I love them all, but these are the ones I found to be particularly noteworthy.  Click on the photo to be redirected to the link in their store.

(Photos from GoodbyeFolk)

Shoes Released from the Archive

Posted by – April 22, 2012

The personal archive, that is.  Yes, it’s true, I am selling these fabulous shoes from my own personal collection.  As much as I LOVE them, I can’t wear such high heels anymore due to a lingering & completely sucky back injury.  Therefore, I am offering these up on ebay.  I haven’t sold a lot of pieces on ebay, so my feedback is really low.  Thus, people tend to NOT bid on my stuff, which could mean a huge score for you!  Auctions end in two days!  Click on the photo to be directed to the listing.

Senso Wilma Bootie in Hot Pink Cheetah

Michael Kors Wooden Platform Sandals with Cut Out

Champion Attitude custom made Van Helsing Boots (These retail for $500 new).  These weren’t mine, I picked them up on a buying trip but they are brand new so I can’t sell them in my etsy store.

…detail of the steel toe.  Pretty rad.

Jeffrey Campbell Polly Platform Bootie in Olive

Michael Kors Top-Stitch Platform Mary Janes (These weren’t mine, but they fit me & I really wish I could keep them!!)

Jeffrey Campbell Lita Platform Boot in Black Calf

Again, click on the photo to be directed to the ebay auction if you’re interested in any of these shoes & good luck!

Damsel Kitty

Posted by – December 30, 2011

Oh my gosh.  Kitteh, I love you!

Damsel in Cat Tapestry by Jeffrey Campbell, $144 at Solestruck.

(photos from Solestruck)

Attn: Cruella v.2

Posted by – November 3, 2011

Hm, well these couldn’t be more perfect.

$99 at Asos USA

For more Cruella-worthy shoes check here


Posted by – October 10, 2011

It’s been a while since I showed Jeffrey Campbell any love.  (Aw, JC, I still love you even though I am leaning towards a lower heel these days!)  How freaking rad are these tapestry platform wedges?  Oh my gosh, LOVE.  Jeffrey, you’re killing me.  I love every minute of it, but you’re killing me.

Damsel boot by Jeffrey Campbell available at Solestruck $144.95


Attn: Cruella

Posted by – September 14, 2011

Finally, a faux dalmatian platform bootie for all of you dah-ling Cruella’s out there who are bored to death of the endless parade of wretched, WRETCHED shoes.

$482 at Penelope & Coco


Posted by – August 29, 2011

I am feeling guilty for not posting any shoe love lately, so here’s my recent pick.  I know they are a little weird, but I like em.  You may notice me straying away from sky-high heels these days.  Due to an unfortunate bowling incident years ago, my back is increasingly unhappy with my shoe choices.  Thus, I am seeking out more “practical” shoes.  I think these fit the bill, except they are $445 at Solestruck.  Hm, better keep looking…

B Store Janis $445 at Solestruck.

Senso Delilah

Posted by – May 31, 2011

For the second day in a row, Senso is blowing my mind first thing in the morning.  These new architectural platform ankle booties are called the Delilah & are available at Desordre for $295.  This is the khaki colorway, but I have messed with it in Photoshop just for fun.  To see the actual color, check here.  I’m not sure that I would choose these over the Agnes or the Acacia I posted yesterday, but in terms of design these are pretty outstanding, don’t you think?

(PC Desordre Facebook Fan page)

Working Girl

Posted by – March 22, 2011

Today I’m all business in this vintage plaid blazer.  Just kidding.  I did do some work at the studio today, though.  Let me tell you, the vintage is building up & time seems to elude me.  Anyway, I shot these photos real quick as I was prepping for a product photo shoot.  Unfortunately most of the photos I took today didn’t turn out well.  I’m working with a new set up & still trying to figure out this whole studio photography thing.  Frustrating.  That’s alright, I’ll be back!

(The petal pink cotton eyelet blouse in the photo below will be up in the shop tomorrow.  Pretty, huh?)

If you read my blog, you’ve seen these vintage white ankle boots before.  I love these things.  And I still totally believe in the pointy toe, slim heel silhouette.  Watch for it.

I made these necklaces.  The freshwater pearl necklace is a double strand of pearls on silk string, connected to a sterling silver chain.  It’s my conservative look.  HeeHee.  The other necklace is a mix of wood, coral, Austrian glass, chalcedony, & apatite beads, strung on silk & connected to a silver chain.

The flutter tank is from Forever 21.  Cheap, cheap, cheap.  I bought it to wear on a special date with my husband the other night.

Check out the vintage Wolf dress form I just scored.  She is so pretty, but she has some issues.  She was part of the problem with today’s photo shoot, unfortunately.  She stands a little crooked.  One more thing for me to figure out.

I did get these boots listed today & if any of them had been my size, I would’ve kept ‘em!

Size 7.5 Ankle Cowboy Boots in Black Leather

Size 6 Gothic Pixie Ankle Boots by NaNa’s in Black Leather.  Oh my gosh.  NaNa’s?!  Yeah.

Size 9 Platform GoGo Boots in Caramel Brown Leather.

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